We have here a rotary cutter with tungsten blades mounted onto the rotor body and can be removed easily. Each blades are held separately by locking bolts or nuts. This application is only for strand pelletizer cutting high glass fiber material whereby carbide blades are broken once too often.

The most common rotor currently used is  carbide brazed rotor whereby the carbide blades are soldered or brazed to the rotor body. Once broken, the rotor body are separated from the blades, grinded and replaced with a new carbide blade. This process may take a long time and costly in the end.

Sizes to manufacture rotor exchangeable blades varies  in length ranging from 100 mm to 300 mm depending on customer request. In the long run, most  cost effective manner because when the blades are already too small in diameter  due to sharpening), all is needed is only to replace new blades and need not acquire new body.



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