Sharpening Blade Malaysia

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We provide sharpening services for all kinds of blades whether it may be Tool steel, Stainless steel, Tungsten carbide or Ceramic material. To ensure the highest level of precision and quality workmanship, we use only top of the range machine tools such as

- Precision Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder

-Precision Monaset Tool & Cutter Grinder

- Precision Drill Grinder

- Precision Cylindrical Grinder

- Lathe Machine and Surface Grinder


Fix blades – tungsten carbide and ceramic

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Both kind of blades are used in high production lines to counter corrosion and abrasion. Ceramic blades are used mainly for” virgin material” or” non filled material” such as polyester, Nylon 6.0 or Nylon 6.6 in textile industry  and mineral bottle industry due to its softer physical properties. For more information on ceramics or ceramics application, pls log in here.



Slitting Blades

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Slitting Blades with tungsten carbide tip brazed to the stainless steel body is used extensively in paper industry. As a result, the overall cost (as compared to full tungsten carbide) is reduced tremendously with same longlasting performance.

Brazing of carbide on stainless steel SUS 300 & SUS 400 series has proven able to withstand substantial cutting force during impact. As a result, no chipping of carbide tip.


Rotary exchangeable blades

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This design in engineering plastics industry requires the usage of large quantities of full bodied tungsten carbide blades. Normal steel blades whether stainless steel or tool steel is not suitable due to the presence of high percentage of glassfiber and water moisture. This has the effect of abrasive and corrosive nature that will eventually contaminate the end product.

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